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Learn why your Google Chrome privacy is at risk and what you can do to protect it.

How to Avoid Common Google Chrome Privacy Issues

Protect your Google Chrome privacy with an advanced privacy protection solution today! Google Chrome is the most-used browser on computers

February 19, 2021
Learn the Spokeo Opt Out process and protect your info today.

Successful Spokeo Opt Out in 4 Easy Steps

Learn how to opt out of Spokeo and other people-search sites fast! If you value your online privacy, you’ll want

February 18, 2021
Protect your privacy with a Been Verified Opt Out solution.

Been Verified Opt Out: How to Remove Your Personal Information

Been Verified is a database that contains your personal information. To protect your privacy, contact us for a Been Verified

February 18, 2021
social media privacy laws

Social Media Privacy Laws: Are You Protected?

Do You Have Privacy Rights On Social Media? The fact that social media sites collect our data and store it

January 30, 2021
Internet privacy monitoring puts you in control of your online reputation

Online privacy solutions for 2022

Hackers are better than ever at accessing your personal information. And they sell this data, legally and illegally, at low

January 28, 2021
Protect Privacy Online

7 Ways to Protect Privacy Online in 2021

Living in the digital age means we’re more connected than ever, perhaps in ways that don’t always have our best

January 25, 2021
hacker searching for digital trace

How Hackers Track and Exploit Your Digital Trace

What is your digital trace, and how do hackers exploit it? Our Privacy Protection team provides answers. What Is Digital

how to erase your digital footprint

How To Erase Your Digital Footprint In 2021

Want to erase your digital footprint? Contact our Internet Privacy experts today!   How Do I Delete All Traces From

women reading about linkedin identity theft

LinkedIn Identity Theft Risks

Overview On LinkedIn And Identity Theft LinkedIn is a job hunter’s best friend. With 660 million users in 2020, the

internet security tools

Internet Security Tools You Should Use In 2021

Internet Security Tools A Must In 2021. If you’ve ever struggled with a network intrusion or computer virus, you likely know

online privacy issues in 2020

Top 5 Online Privacy Issues

What Is Privacy Online? More and more people access the Internet nowadays, most of them unaware of the online privacy

privacy and online safety settings

Ensuring Your Privacy and Online Safety Settings

Do Privacy And Online Safety Settings Matter? If you are among the people who believe that privacy and online safety